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Our Vision:

  • HydrogenHealth is a platform that allows us to share and discuss health care systems. Please investigate our amazing brand partner links and see for yourself revolutionary technologies HydrogenHealth provides for you at your fingertips.


  • If someone you knew needed help, and you knew you could help them… would you? That’s what we do!!!
  • Each person is the centre of the healing process.  We aim to help people restore their optimal health without the negative effects of drugs.
  • Each aspect of a person, (body, mind, and spirit), must be addressed for long life healing and rejuvenation.
  • Each and every one of us is responsible for our health choices. We provide researched health information from around the world to affect the well-being of the individual and community.
  • We share “real people” testimonials and stories of athletic improvements. healing and overall wellness.
  • While our brand partners make no “medical claims“, we can personally validate that they have improved our quality of life, and we believe that they will improve yours too!!!


  • We know that simplicity and convenience matter. But we also feel that professionalism, integrity, and relationships matter too. So while we make it very easy for you to order any of our companies life changing products right online, we strongly encourage you to reach out to any of our team, build friendship, and hopefully even a relationship, as it’s proven time and time again that “Relationships build Championships“, and at HydrogenHealth we want to connect with you, and help build your Championship Lifestyle!!!


Our goal is to improve athletic performance & quality of life & wellness for everyone.

JACK LAPIERREProfessional Firefighter (PC) OPFFA, IAFF
Christian man, father, husband, professional firefighter (36 years), community-minded volunteer, sports nut, fitness conscious, and a passion for helping others. He is the founder and the driving force behind the TOO (Think of Others) movement!!!!!Having the privilege of growing up on a farm, it was learned early on that a healthy quality LIFESTYLE(healthy body, healthy mind, healthy finances) is the cornerstone to a healthy body. Jack, is known by everyone as a “straight-shooting, go getter” that is on a mission to help professional athletes, and weekend warriors reach their peak performance, and at the same time help “Joe and Jill Average” of all ages dealing with the daily burdens of life, experience a better quality of life and wellness in an “honest, drug free, sustainable way”. TOO
CHRIS FARRUGIABAHSc, CAT(C), Osteopathy (Current Study)
Chris has always been fascinated with the mechanics of anything he came across, aiming to discover how they combined to work together harmoniously. His love for sports led him to Athletic Therapy where he received a Bachelor of Applied Health Science (Athletic Therapy) fromSheridan College in 2014. During this time, he was fortunate to have worked with some very talented Osteopathic Manual Practitioners and it was here that he found his calling. He is currently studying at theCanadian College of Osteopathy, Canada’s premier 5-yearOsteopathic program that dives into the extensive study of the biomechanics of the human body as a whole and not just the sum of its parts.
As a dental hygienist and patient educator, Judy is dedicated to helping clients achieve oral and consequently overall health. The oral health and systemic health link have never been stronger and we are spreading the word. Judy graduated in 1983 from College, as a Registered Dental Hygienist and has been licenced with the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario ever since. Judy is the mother of three adult children and has enjoyed many sports, and still participates in golfing and skiing regularly.
DR.TRACY-LYNN RESIDEBScH, ND Naturopathic Doctor, Speaker, Coach, Business Owner & Mom
As the medical advisor for HydrogenHealth, Dr. Tracy-Lynn uses her extensive experience in genetics, research and clinical background to provide a critical eye and scientific analysis of the products and research we share. Dr. Tracy-Lynn’s goal is to help others create their own path to a healthy, balanced life full of passion and purpose.
KAI LAPORTERetired European Hockey Pro, Sports Nutrition Specialist
Well hello there!!! My name is Kai Laporte and I am so glad you found me.
I educate clients on how to achieve a balanced lifestyle that encompasses all the dimensions of true health and wellness.

I am a retired European Hockey Pro and am now a hockey development coach and studying at the NutraPhoria School of Holistic Nutrition where I will concentrate on Sports Nutrition.

I have an extensive background in SPORTS DEVELOPMENT and INTEGRATIVE NUTRITION. Again and again, I am reminded of the positive effects that great health and wellness have on my physical and psychological well being.

I have made it a focus to understand your health and wellness goals, and my approach will be a non-judgmental one, whereby I hold you accountable for your health and wellness intentions.

Let’s work together to make your wellness journey and dreams a reality.

~C.S. Lewis

Kangen Water

Drinking plenty of water on a daily basis is vital to our health. Water carries nutrients to cells, helps with digestion, flushes out toxins, helps prevent a headache and fatigue, and can even aid in weight loss or maintenance. Our bodies are up to 75% water, and staying well-hydrated is critical to our optimum health and survival.

Nine Point Five Enagic Kangen Water Alkaline Video


Team Alkaline and The Kangen Water Center is a full service Enagic Distribution Center.



CLEANSIP is the world’s smallest WATER FILTER in a straw…and it’s an ALL CANADIAN product.




Our Fulvic Nutrients based NUWTR supplement is a powerful antioxidants, electrolytes and minerals!

Electrolytes and Antioxidants

As a major source of key electrolytes and anti-oxidants Fulvic Acid helps slow down aging and controls inflammation. Electrolytes play an important role in hydration, blood activity, and muscle function.

WHY Choose NUWTR as Your FULVIC MINERAL Source Video

Our mission is clear to improve global health by providing sciences-based wellness and longevity products. We focus on a holistic, natural approach with formulas designed to help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. NuWTR Products contain our proprietary bio nutrient called Fulvic Minerals.


VOXXLIFE Athletic & Wellness

VOXX products have been designed with the end user in mind. Every VOXX STASIS Sock and VOXSOL Insole are embedded with VOXX HPT technology. In addition to providing benefits that make these the best socks and insoles in the world we have made sure to use the best materials in producing the best quality and feel for all of our products. We want the experience of first using a VOXX product to make you know that you’re using a quality product.

VoxxLife – Getting Started – Technology Benefits

Please enjoy this video that gives an overview of how Voxx HPT is able to create changes in your day-to-day lifestyle. Benefits include increased energy and and incredible pain relief when using VoxxLife products.


eSmartr Sleev

The eSmartr Sleev is the first non-invasive enhancement to supercharging your mind’s natural ability.

The proprietary Cognitive Boost Technology™ (CBT) pattern embedded inside every Sleev activates receptors in the skin that trigger a neural response in the brain – resulting in scientifically proven amplified cognitive abilities. Discover enhanced concentration and memory, heightened decision making, increased stamina, accelerated reaction times, and an improved sense of clarity and calm.

For best results, use on your dominant arm. Available in both right- and left-handed versions.
Available sizes: S, M, L and XL

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